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November 21st, Avatars 98, The Third Annual Conference

Avatars 98, the third annual conference of the Contact Consortium is going ahead and it will be held *inside virtual world cyberspace* and simultaneously at physical locales all around the world on a single 24 hour period, November 21st.

We have garnered a wide range of support so far, including several corporate sponsors, exhibitors, and physical locations willing to host their own events and "jack in" to the event online (all around northern california including "the farm" here in boulder creek, austin texas, milwaukee, munich, london, austria, paris, seattle, helsinki, toronto, australia, south africa, and so on).This should be a lot of fun and pioneer a new use of virtual worlds, for global simultanous cyberphysical happenings!

The brief conference announcement page is at: http://www.ccon.org/

Get ready to make some more Cyberspace history!

Nyvrmlsig Member Participants

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Cati Laporte http://www.databass.com/cati/gitanita.wrl

Report From Avatars 98 Conference

Larry Rosenthal, who founded the New York VRMLSIG in January 1996, participated in the Avatars 98 Conference from Berkeley, California. New York VRMLSIG members met Larry in his Stardock Alpha world for a live chat on Saturday afternoon during the conference. The chat was open to conference visitors and New York VRMLSIG members met "Clean" from Milwaukee, Winsconsin, "Hermetic Cab" from Germany and "Lod" from England. Lod left us his URL to check out and his Web site has some remarkable avatars! http://www.geo-metricks.com.


This image shows the blaxxun 3D Multi-user client running under Windows 95 with Larry's Stardock Alpha world loaded. Larry's avatar is the "bot" on the left in the picture chatting with "Hermetic Cab" from Germany.

blaxxun 3D Multi-user client

For more, please see Avatar98 Pictures, Video and Audio Coverage


siggraph 98 web3d round up
demo urls


Self Craig Reynolds http://hmt.com/cwr/boids.html

VNET Christopher St. John for Steven White http://leper.to/

artist Brandon Rickman http://www.zennet.com/pub/misc/vrml/

Blitcom Mark Pesce http://www.blitcom.com

Carnegie Mellon University Tina Cobb http://www.alice.org/new/

Cicada Interactive, Inc. Matt O'Donnell http://cicada.net/sig98

Electronic Cafe and LAVUG Celia Pearce http://www.ecafe.com/vrml/

MSNBC Alan Taylor http://www.msnbc.com/modules/station/iss.asp

France Telecom Julien Signhs, Jeffrey Close

gamelet.com david collier http://www.gamelet.com/games/bug

IBM T.J. Watson Andre Gueziec http://www.research.ibm.com/people/g/gueziec/lod/

infoplasm Barrett Fox http://www.infoplasm.com

MetaCreations Dmitry Papern http://www.metastream.com

Microsoft (4 Chrome demos) Audra Mulkern

MSNBC Alan Taylor http://www.wolfenet.com/~yoame/rv2/orfire.html

Naval Postgraduate School Don Brutzman http://www.stl.nps.navy.mil/~brutzman/kelp/

NY VRML SIG marjorie stave for Linda Vigdor http://www.nyvrmlsig.org/projects/index.html

NYU Media Research Lab Athomas Goldberg http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/athomas/spirograph

NYU Media Research Laboratory Ken Perlin http://mrl.nyu.edu/perlin

Out of the Blue Linda Hahner http://www.familiartales.com

OzThor Gunnarsson http://www.oz.com/main/new/press/980428_01.asp

PLATINUM Technology, Inc. John Osterhaus http://www.platinum.com/worldview

Seamless Solutions, Inc. Ed Sims http://www.seamless-solutions.com

SGI David Frerichs http://reality.sgi.com/frerichs_esd/

Silicon Graphics Inc Tom Kaye http://trant.sgi.com/blueangels/projects/baf18/preflight.html

Sun Microsystems Ken Tallman http://www.sun.com

Superscape Steve LaPedis http://www.superscape.com/siggraph

Viewpoint Ken Krull http://www.viewpoint.com

virtual real-estate claudia cavallar http://www2.dc.co.at/dc/

Virtual Ventures Dave Blackburn http://www.virtualive.com

WhoWhere?, Inc. Timothy Childs http://www.whowhere.com/ThreeD/explain.html

Xerox PARC Maureen Stone

Zapa Eyal Gever http://characterz.zapadigital.com/tryit/tryit.html